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Why do we do this?

What started as reviving our dad’s old Bronco and going on a new adventure has become something of an addiction — we love the challenge of not only improving our own skills each year, but improving the Bronco’s performance and capabilities, too. Rallying in a vintage vehicle definitely adds a whole other dimension to the rigors of the rally, but we’re here for it.


Like Rebelle founder Emily Miller always reminds us, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”



Team Position: Driver

Rochelle lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, Joe, of 23 years and their four kids - CJ, Colette, Callie, & Cohen, and two hairy pups named Poppet and Millie. A small-business owner (among other things), she enjoys overlanding and off-roading, remodeling, woodworking, photography, and graphic design. With an unrealistic desire to race a Trophy Truck, she hopes to at least catch a ride in one someday. Mama has dreams.



Team Position: Navigator

Melissa lives in Costa Rica with her husband Damian, 11-year-old son Milo, a ginormous Maine Coone named FatCat, and an adopted street dog named Chewie. When not working on her first novel, she freelances as a digital designer and content strategist and enjoys traveling, listening to Taylor Swift incessantly, everything British and/or Harry Potter related (house: Hufflepuff!), painting, karaoke, crafting, river walking, birding, and drinking G&Ts in a shady hammock, preferably while being fanned.

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