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...and the answer to the never-ending question, "Why rally a 53-year-old Bronco?!"

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In 1969, our Dad bought a Ford Bronco, canary yellow (his favorite color). It was the first car he ever bought, his pride and joy. It’s the car our mom learned to drive (after rolling it into a ditch — a story Dad loved to tell.) Over the decades, it took him hunting and camping, recovered stuck vehicles, uprooted stumps, transported tools and building materials, and cruised in the Sandy Mtn. Festival parade a few times. Hell, it even served as a USPS Mail Truck for a while. 

Dad passed away in 2014, leaving the Bronco to us. It had been garaged since ’95 and needed some love, but  Rochelle’s husband Joe rolls deep in the auto industry, and between the three of us, we had the right combo of passion, know-how, and connections to slowly but surely give the Bronco a serious glow-up. Rebuilt with a focus on overland and trail capabilities (it’s not just for show—it’ll get plenty of use making new family memories!), we’ve been careful to honor its natural patina and original appeal. 

We’ve loved the process of building the Bronco for modern-day adventure. This 53-year-old’s still got a lot of trail left in her, and we can’t wait to show the world proof that age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

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Dad with Bronco in 1970s

Dad and the Bronco, late '70s

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